Ultrain is a world-leading public blockchain optimized for commercial use. We aim to build a general purpose blockchain offering cloud services and an operating system.
Our founding team consists of top cybersecurity and blockchain experts from Alibaba, IBM, and senior international M&A banker experienced in China’s flourishing tech industry.
As one of the most innovative projects in the field, our team holds eight patents in blockchain technology. Leveraging our powerful R&D capabilities and global business network, we are committed to constructing a robust blockchain ecosystem that empowers a wide range of industries.
In April 2019, Ultrain launched its main-net, outperforming peers.
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Ultrain Core Technology
High-Performance Computing
Trusted Computing Creates Value
Consensus Building Mechanism for Mutual Confirmation
User-Friendly Smart Contracts
Artificial Superintelligence on the Chain
Blockchain-based Value IoT
The development roadmap and key milestones

Jun, 2018


  • Internal Testnet Online
  • External API Framework Completed
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Framework – Robin Online

Sep, 2018


  • Public Testnet In Operation
  • Enterprise Service Access Network Online

Jan, 2019

Black Hole

  • Blockchain OS Core Structure Completed
  • Network Management Based on Democratic Voting System

Apr, 2019

White Hole

  • Public Network Operational
  • Sharding
  • Sales of Mining Rigs

Apr, 2020

Big Bang

  • Ultrain‘s Eco system in Operation
  • AI Machine Learning Platform Online
  • IOT Edge Computing Established


  • Collaboration between Machine Learning Platform, IOT and Deep Belief Networks
Ultrain Global Community Construction
Ultrain collaborates with user-oriented, communities that have the same vision of equality, autonomy and democracy on global scale. By cooperating with world class communities in IOT, AI and blockchain technology fields, Ultrain can extend its global branding coverage and expand its global impact.

Decentralized Engine for the Future - Ultrain Corporate Video

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